Combat Uniforms / Camouflages of the South Korea Armed Forces

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Similar to the United States Military, Each branch of the South Korea Armed Forces has its own uniforms and regulations. As a NATO’s de facto Members in Asia, and one of the closest countries to the United States, (You know, not in distance :)) the South Korean military’s system is roughly based on US military.

1. Granite B (Hwa-gang-am, “화강암”)

Korean Soldier in Granit-B

Granite B (Hwa-gang-am, “화강암” in Korean) pixelated camouflage pattern is currently issued to ROK Army and Air Force. The Granite B has a background of light tan and opaque green, overprinted with a dark green, brown, and black throughout the pattern. The pattern is optimized to wear in woodland and urban environments, which are very common in South Korea’s terrain.

Granite B Uniform consists of a jacket and trousers worn with combat boots and a beret or a matching patrol cap.

2. Spec-Ops Pixel (Teuk-Jun-Pixel, “특전픽셀”)

ROK Army Special Warfare Command Operators in Spec-Ops Pixel
ROK Army Special Warfare Command Operators in Spec-Ops Desert Pixel

Basically based on USMC MARPAT pattern, Spec-Ops Pixel is a multi-scale camouflage pattern in use with the ROK Army Special Warfare Command.

The purpose of the digitized pattern is to create visual “noise” and prevent the eye from identifying any visual templates. Thus, the pattern is intended to not register as any particular shape or pattern that could be distinguished.

Same as MARPAT, currently 2 patterns were issued – Woodland and Desert patterns.

3. ROKMC Wave (Mool-gyul-Muni, “물결무늬”)

ROKMC Marines in Wave Pattern Uniform

ROKMC Wave is a multi-scale camouflage pattern designed and used by ROK Marine Corps. It features a new semi-pixelated tiger-stripe pattern of tan, gray, brown, green, and black. It is intended to work in seashore, woodland, and urban environment.


Similar to US NAVY NWU. Issued to ROK Navy sailors. But… does camo work on ship?

5. Other Patterns Used by ROK Military

ROK Navy UDT/SEAL in training

ROK Navy UDT/SEALs wear MultiCam uniforms by Crye Precision.

707SMB in CT training

ROK Army 707th Special Mission Group (707SMB) seen in Kryptek Typhon. They are known to wear both Kryptek Typhon and Spec Ops Pixel. Now you know what uniform Dokkaebi and Vigil from R6 siege really wear!

KATUSA (Korean Augmentation To the United States Army) wears the same uniform as US Army. One of our crews were in US Army 2nd Infantry Division as KATUSA!

New Tiger Pattern being tested.

Currently, several new camouflage patterns are being tested by ROK Army. As of now, 3 patterns are shown – Tiger, Pebbles, and Taeguek.

We are able to provide all the South Korean Tactical Gears, in any pattern above. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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